2021 Wig Buying Guide – How to Buy a Wig for the First Time

2021 Wig Buying Guide - How to Buy a Wig for the First Time

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How to Buy a Great Wig – The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Wig

Wigs are being considered as a beauty accessory that many women are interested in. Besides choosing the style that suits you, the experience of choosing to buy a wig is also a matter of attracting the most attention. And are you sure you don’t want to lose money on it? So what are you waiting for without reading the good tips that are about to be shared below?

Experience choosing to buy a wig with the naked eye


First, we will learn about the tips for choosing to buy wigs with the naked eye, simply understanding is observing to choose. And in this way, you can note its color, length, thickness, style, type of roof, and its authenticity. Let’s find out every detail.



Depending on whether you choose closure/ frontal lace or full lace wigs, if you have a full head, the choice of color will be based on each person’s preferences. But if it’s the first half or the clip-in, the ponytail needs to be selected similar to the natural hair color you have, to create harmony and cleverly cover this wig. The advice is that you can choose deep colors that will be easier to coordinate as well as change, suitable for more space than its too dazzling color.


With a full lace wig, as well as the color, you can choose according to your preferences, but besides that, keep in mind that it should be based on the angle of the face. Specifically, people with long faces often choose short hair models and vice versa. A simple example is a bob wig that can hide the square corners of square faces.


The thickness when choosing a wig is also quite interested, because not only does it affect the price, but also affects the appearance when used. Do not choose hair that is too thick and long because it will look very heavy. You should only choose the thickness that is just enough to exude the personality and style you want, it’s gentle so as not to feel uncomfortable when using it.


Wig styles are extremely diverse, it is just like you use real hair to style. We have the shape of straight hair, bone straight, kinky straight, loose waves, water waves, natural waves, ocean waves, deep waves, funmi, bouncy, deep curly, kinky curly, body waves. So you can choose according to your preferences and style.


In fact, the authenticity can be partially assessed through the color and style of the hair, but when viewed with the naked eye, you will still see its shine and natural features. With hair models that are too shiny, the authenticity will be less than a product with a natural standard of shine. This has a deep reason from the hairdressing material that you will be revealed below.

These are the factors that you can use to choose a wig when observed with the naked eye. Next, let’s delve into how we will choose when we feel it directly.

Experience choosing to buy wig by direct feeling

After you have observed with the naked eye and gained yourself the skills to choose a wig, we will try it out with the direct method. That is how you will touch your hair, run your hands, try it on to feel, and make the final decision. Specifically, when doing these operations, you need to pay attention to a few points as follows:

Wig material:

The first thing when you touch and wear it, you can immediately recognize is the hair material. There are many materials to create a product like this, which are real hair, synthetic hair. Each of these types has different external characteristics and internal feel. Of course, the price and quality, aesthetics are not the same.

If you are a person who is willing to spend money and wants a product that can be a long-term companion and absolutely safe, you should choose a real hair wig. This allows you to comfortably style with machines and chemicals without worrying about the longevity of your hair. Real hair is very soft to the touch, shiny and can be run through each hair to stroke easily. When using it, you will immediately feel the lightness, comfort, and lightness as if there is nothing on your head.

Finally, it is synthetic hair, this fiber is also used as a wig. In fact, there is no need to touch it, just looking at it you can feel it is a material that easily “denounces” your use of fake hair. Synthetic is not heat resistant so you won’t be able to style it.

In general, choosing a real hair wig, although it has a slightly higher price, the value it brings is completely worth your wallet.


Thus, these shares have helped you synthesize the experience of choosing to buy wigs from the outside in, from aesthetics to quality, so that you get the most satisfactory product. Hopefully, it will help you not to lose money unjustly when you want to buy yourself this useful accessory.

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