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Having long hair is the dream of every girl in the world. It’s no wonder that these long hairstyles are trending at the moment. You can do all kinds of hairstyles from braids to curls, mermaid waves, and bangs. There is no limit that you can’t style long hair. Even better, long hair can also flatter any face shape.

Long hair is known for its ability to soften sharp lines, balanced proportions, and make you look younger, healthier, and more feminine. So, if you want long hair or just want a change, check out these inspirational hairstyles for long hair.

1. Layered long hair

It is suitable for both thick and fine hair types, as it can be used to create depth and dimension as well as break up the dense ‘hair helmet’ look. The hairstylist will cut your hair to different lengths to create layers. The exact position and length of the layers will be adjusted to flatter your face shape. Not only creating volume and flexibility for the hair but layered hair can also be adjusted to overcome the disadvantages of the face.

For example, a layered hairstyle with a short layer of chin-length and hugging the face. It can make a big face look slimmer. In addition, layering hair also gives the wearer a very feminine and gentle appearance.

2. Long hair to naturally combine with thin bangs

Natural long hair with thin bangs: This long curly hairstyle creates a stylish feminine beauty and perfectly flatters your face.

3. Long braids

Long braids are also a current trend. There really is a braid for every occasion – and every hair length and style. Long hair goes well with braids because there’s more to work with, so you can get creative. A ponytail braid is one of the most popular because it looks chic while being very simple to create.

You don’t want the braid to look too neat or shiny. If you are not good at braiding, you can fake this hairstyle with the ‘pull over’ technique. It involves tying your hair into parallel ponytails and tying them over each other for a braided effect.

4. Long Updo

A beautiful look for every day – or date – the updo for long hair is both simple and chic. It works best on smoother hair textures, so make sure you apply the serum if your hair is on the dry and frizzy side. To get this look, make sure your hair also has some grip on it; either wait until the day after you’ve washed it off, or add some styling spray.

You also need to make sure you have a volume product at the roots, as this oversized bun needs a good base to sit on. Leave a few sections of hair out to create a face, twist the rest of your hair up to form a bun, then secure underneath with clear hair ties and bobby pins. Like all updos hairstyles, this style works best when paired with statement earrings and lipstick to balance out the top-heavy volume.

5. Long wavy hair

This beautiful long wavy hairstyle has become a trademark in beautiful, glittering photo shoots. You can change when it’s big, sweet water waves, or when it’s small, youthful, and personality.

Although it has been around for a long time, long hair combined with rain bangs still makes women unable to refuse because of the youthful and beautiful look it brings. Unlike flat bangs, rain bangs help the face become softer and more delicate. This hairstyle also helps you cheat a few years more.

6. Long straight hair

The final simple style is long straight hair. Because the interface is so simple, you’ll need to make sure your locks are in top condition. No room for frizz or split ends; otherwise, this hairstyle runs the risk of looking messy and untidy.

Long hair can be bushy, so use a styling product to make sure your mane doesn’t weigh down and look too flat. Ask your stylist to add subtle highlights, as this will prevent your hair from looking like a solid block of color. An important advantage to long straight hair is that it is the perfect canvas to show off your makeup, as it won’t distract from your face.