Causes Of Damage Hair And How To Take care Of Hair for Autumn 2021


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1. What is damage hair?

It is not too difficult to recognize a damage hair. Hair is frizzy and weak, split ends at the ends, hair color is not reflective, dull. In particular, you can feel it more clearly when touching your hair, tangled and rough hair is difficult to comb. If your hair has the following symptoms, be careful because your hair is damaged and needs immediate care.


– Rough: When we run our fingers and stroke the hair from root to tip, instead of feeling soft, it feels rough.
– Dryness: Dull, curl and break easily are manifestations of dry, frizzy hair.
Split ends: If your hair falls out easily when combing, it may be due to split ends. Sometimes you can grab the ends of your hair and observe, if you see white dots on the ends of your hair, your hair is starting to split.
– Messy hair: When the hair is damaged, in addition to being dull, the hair is also very easy to tangle.
Hair loss of elasticity: Check by gently stretching the hair. If the hair is damaged, it may break while pulling, only stretching without shrinking or shrinking very little.

2. What causes damage hair?

– Lack of moisture
When the hair is provided with enough moisture, it will become shiny, healthy, and smoother. Therefore, when hair lacks moisture, it will lead to hair loss of shine, roughness, and dryness.

– Unsuitable hair care products
Shampoos, conditioners, conditioners… are products that are often used for your hair. But if these products are not of good quality, or contain chemicals that are harmful to the hair, they will inadvertently cause the hair to face damage over time.

– Weather and surroundings
Weather and environmental factors are also factors that cause damage hair. Many girls often do not have the habit of sunscreen, shielding their hair when going out in the sun or in the rain. Or let your hair be exposed to a dirty, dusty air environment. It is these actions that have a negative impact on your hair.
– Continuous use of styling products
Blow-drying, using curling irons, or chemical services too often can quickly dry and weaken your hair. Instead of styling your hair every day, you should only use a dryer or styler twice a week.
Using some type of hair conditioner that protects hair from high temperatures is very important to prevent hair loss.
Using too many chemicals
Anyone who regularly dyes their hair understands that when using chemicals, it is very difficult to care for hair to be as strong as natural hair.
Curly styling due to curling or dyeing, pressing due to the use of chemicals, heat, etc. can damage the outer cuticle of the hair. Over time, it can cause severe damage to your hair.

3. How to take care of damage hair

– Replenish moisture
Supplementing hair with nutrients is the most effective beauty treatment when hair is damaged. Try incubating your hair for about 15 minutes with the conditioner, then wash your hair again, with a regular frequency of once a week will give very positive results.
– Use conditioner
Make it a habit to use conditioner after washing your hair so that the daily hair care process is complete and effective. In addition to the effect of making hair smoother, the conditioner also has the ability to supply and moisturize to help treat dry, frizzy, split ends.
If you use it regularly, you can also prevent dry, brittle hair in the future.- Wash your hair properly
Shampooing should be done gently in combination with scalp massage to stimulate hair follicles to absorb nutrients. Do not scratch or rub the hair and scalp so hard that it causes burning pain. After shampooing, wipe your hair and remove it gently.
Note that after washing, you should not dry your hair too dry, but it is best to let your hair dry naturally or use a hairdryer with Ion technology to help protect your hair better.
– Strengthen nutrition to care for damage hair
Supplementing essential nutrients for hair from the inside and out is also an effective way to say goodbye to damage hair. You can use specialized hair care products such as hair serum, vitamin H or benign natural essential oils.


Above is a blog post about the causes and ways to restore damage hair that Virgin Hair Vietnam shares with you. Hope the article will be helpful for those of you with damage hair, please follow to have shinier hair.