Is Rice Water Good For Hair? – 4 Things You Need To Know

how to wash hair with rice water

Rinsing and soaking hair in rice water to make hair grow longer and shinier has long been a beauty habit of Asians. Now, it’s being done on social media channels. Where users claim that rubbing or rinsing their hair in water of rice leads to improved hair growth. But does it really work? Please read the following article.

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1. What is rice water?

Rice water is the starchy water that remains after rice is soaked or cooked. You may not know that rice grains contain about 80% starch, so the water you get from washing the rice also has many potential nutrients. It also has the same vitamins and minerals as plain rice. It includes amino acids; vitamins B, E; minerals, antioxidants, etc. are essential and useful for hair care.
Rice water is the water when washing, soaking the remaining rice before cooking. This water usually contains melted starch and sometimes some vitamins. The fastest way to make water of rice is to soak 1 part rice with 2 parts water for 30 minutes and then filter the remaining water into a clean bowl. Although just applying water of rice to the hair is fine, some people also add grapefruit peel and essential oils to let the water ferment over time before applying it to their hair.
Water of rice has several compounds that are believed to benefit hair. Rice water contains vitamins B and E. Which are involved in hair growth.

2. Benefits of rice water

The benefits of rice water in hair care also surprise many experts. Accordingly, they studied whether water of rice really makes hair stronger and shinier?

Studies have concluded that the benefits of rice water for hair stem from inositol. This is an ingredient in water of rice that when used on hair helps penetrate damaged hair and repair hair from the inside out. This water even protects the hair from further damage.

3. How to use rice water on hair

One of the advantages of this beauty product is that it is easy to make.

Is rice water good for hair
Is rice water good for hair

– How to use rice water on hair as follows:
+ Ingredients: You need to prepare 1 bowl of white rice, 1, 5 – 2 liters of water
+ Prepare:
* You should remove the first rinse between the rice and water mixture to remove impurities and dirt.
* Wash the rice with water in a large bowl and mix until the water becomes cloudy
* Strain the rice, this time save the water
* Store the water of rice in a clean and tightly covered plastic container. This water of rice will be stored at room temperature from 1 day – 2 days. This helps the water of rice to ferment, and all the vitamins and minerals will be * released.
* If you store it in the refrigerator, the water of rice can last up to a week.

– How to use rice water on your hair
* You can use water of rice directly after washing the shampoo and conditioner.
* Use time 1 time/week.
* When applying water of rice, focus more on the scalp area to promote the effect.
* Incubate hair for 2 to 5 minutes
* Then wash and dry

4. Results of using rice water on hair

The effect of rice water on hair health is significantly improved and is highly appreciated by users. Specifically:
After a minute: You’ll feel as if there’s some sort of coating or a thin sheath around each hair.
After a day: The morning after the first rinse of rice water, the hair will look brighter and smoother.
After a week (about four washes): Thicker and fuller hair.
Thus, water of rice has a noticeable effect on the hair. Hopefully, the information has helped you answer the question “Can water of rice make hair stronger and shinier?” so you can effectively use this natural product.