The return and exchange requests are only accepted by following our requirement below:

  • Hair must NOT have been installed, dyed, permed, tampered or altered in any situations;
  • Hair MUST be in its original bundle and the zip must NOT be opened;
  • Hair MUST be kept in its original packaging;
  • We will not accept your returns or exchanges which do not follow those requirements.

If any hair bundle you received have problems related to manufacturing problems, you will be protected by this guarantee:

  • Within 30 days of receiving your order, contact us with a photo or video showing the issue ask for solutions
  • We will review you claims and give the solutions. Since most problems can be solved by maintenance method, we may give you recommended product(s) that will deal with those problems. If the problem cannot be solved, the hair must be sent back to us. Then, we will handle this issue.
  • In order for us to determine your products, your purchase can be replaced, your order must be sent back to our office. All costs for removing your items and shipping are the customer’s responsibility.
  • We do not offer the returns or the exchanges for the customized hair products.