Short Hair & Trendy Hairstyles 2021

Short Hair & Trendy Hairstyles 2021

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Short Hair & Trendy Hairstyles 2021

Short hair gives girls a stylish, fashionable and luxurious appearance without any fussy accents. The trend of short hair with all kinds of personality bob or lob is becoming the focal point of the style recently, making any girl want to cut her long hair immediately to keep up with the trend. A short haircut will not be a problem if your face is suitable, otherwise, it will be really “serious” because it will take a long time for the hair to return to its previous length.

 1. Natural bob hairstyle or parted bob hair

Bone Straight Wig_Piano Color_ Human Hair Extension
Bone Straight Wig_Piano Color_ Human Hair Extension

Simple and does not take time to take care of, the natural bob hairstyle, the side-swept side is also a style that brings a natural, unfussy look to the girlfriend. Bob hair is about the length of the jawbone. This hairstyle has many ways of styling. You can cut with, curl the tail to hug your face or trim gently, curl slightly or leave it natural. Curly bob hairstyle is promoted by many Vietnamese beauties. If you are lucky to own a V-line face, you will be very suitable for bob hairstyle.

 2. Shoulder-length curly hair with water waves

With a youthful, feminine and seductive look, Korean short curly hair is the most popular hairstyle. With meticulously curled curls, Korean short curly hair is really like the waves of water floating on the sea, gentle and enchanting.

3. short curly hair with the letter C

This hairstyle helps you to hide the flaws on your eyes and make your face look slimmer. Not only that, it also brings youthfulness and dynamism. It is for this reason that from twenties girls to middle-aged women love this hairstyle. You can express your personality with light and dark colors or piano with this hairstyle.

4. Short curly hair with thin bangs

This hairstyle has always been a favorite hairstyle from last year to this year and has not shown any signs of cooling down. It brings youthful dynamism no less beautiful and feminine software. And the most important thing is that this hairstyle is suitable for all faces, whether you have a round face, square face or long face, you can have this hairstyle.

5. Layered short curly hair

This hairstyle is preferred by beauty believers, with this hair, in addition to giving the owner a feminine and seductive look, it also creates a bouncy hair. This hairstyle is suitable for all ages from students, office ladies to housewives in the family.

6. Short shoulder-length hair curls

Shoulder-length curly hair helps you to be confident and creates accents that make your face more attractive and fresh.

With this style, you can keep the look without having to cut your hair too short. This is the perfect hairstyle for curvy girls. This hairstyle is suitable for many faces from long to angular. Add a little more light and you will become more youthful than ever.

7. Short curly hair big curls

The short curly hair that is frequently used by young people has created a hot trend in the fashion community. This hairstyle creates a sense of femininity. Not only that, but it also brings an elegant and seductive beauty in every step that makes you stand out in the crowd.

8. Personality twist short hair

Short curly hair personality is quite suitable for girls who like novelty, attractive in a separate way. With this personality hairstyle and a little highlighter color, you will stand out like famous singers or stars on TV.

Above are some short hairstyles that are popular today, if you are interested and want to share something, please comment below.

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