How to keep Body Wave hair wavy_ Hair care 2021

Body Wave is a wig that is being called a hot trend by the market and is used very popularly in countries around the world. Hairstyles are also very diverse today this hairstyle is very popular with many people. Keeping the body wavy will make the hair beautiful and raise people’s confidence. Being attractive can make many people jealous.

Many people have asked why it is possible to keep the hair for so long without spending much as well as having to go to the salon to take care of it instead of staying at home. That’s the big question, and in this blog post we’ll give you some tips for taking care of your hair. Let’s go find out together.

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What is Body Wave Hair?

Body Wave_Vietnam Raw Hair
                       Body Wave_Vietnam Raw Hair

Body wave is made of 100% human hair. Many women like a wavy and long wavy hairstyle, the body Wave hair is an extremely reasonable choice. This wave texture features an S-shaped wrap around the body wave for a naturally flowing and sleek look. The body wave has a very youthful wave, the human hair wig gives a youthful, wild and very natural look.

A body wave wig is made from 100% human hair. The hair is cut from the top of the young person’s head and is created according to the process with the full cuticle facing in one direction, to ensure no tangle no shedding and long lasting hold.

Advantages and disadvantages of body waves

First of all,

we can see that a body wave, it is like a natural ocean wave and a lot of people want to style this hair. So you can wear your hair as a pride.


This hairstyle gives a youthful look to the hair making it look easy and carefree. We can see it a bit wild in nature but it doesn’t have a style of its own and an impressive look.


It’s very easy to style, people with this wavy hair don’t need too long hair length. The hair creates a smooth and holds up well.

On the other hand, many people who buy body wave hair often complain that the hair does not hold the style and is very tangled. But in fact, to have the hair always keep the style and as the original depends on the care of each person.

At this point, everyone must be curious and know how to always keep the body wave hair neat and shiny like the beginning.

Properly blow-dry your hair to style it without drying it out and shedding
Properly blow-dry your hair to style it without drying it out and shedding

How to take care of Body Wave hair

First of all, Body Wave we should not worry too much, just after washing our hair, we dry our hair, do not dry it with a machine, so it will make the hair always dry. Moreover, after washing the hair, we will let the hair dry naturally, but do not let the hair dry too much, then we will add a little conditioner to keep the hair smooth.

After this process, we can use our hands to stroke the hair in the top-down direction because the top is always voluminous and bouncy, so you just need to roll your hair with your hands to create a crease and the waves will follow the hold.

Finally, just let the hair air dry and do not sit in front of the wind to prevent the hair from being messy or we can use a curling iron to style it so it always stays in place.

And don’t forget to deeply condition your hair once every 2 weeks. This is to provide nutrition to the hair without drying and frizz.

Here are some basic steps to take care of your hair to keep it shiny and shiny. If we pay a little attention, it is possible to create hair that is always perfect and can be used for a long time.

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