Kinky Straight VS Kinky Curly: The Differences Between 2 Types of Hair

Kinky Straight VS Kinky Curly

 Kinky Straight VS Kinky Curly: The Differences Between 2 Types of Hair   You are confused between kinky curly and kinky straight, which hairstyle is the best choice for you. Below we will point out some of the differences between us. What Is Kinky Straight Hairstyle? Yaki straight and kinky straight is braided hair that […]

Experience Wearing The Most Beautiful Wig For 2021

Experience wearing the most beautiful wig

The experience of wearing a wig so that it is beautiful and correct is currently a topic of great interest to many of you. However, there are not many articles on this issue yet. Therefore, in today’s article, Virgin Hair Vietnam will give you the most complete information so that you can use wigs most […]

Deep Wave and Water Wave how to distinguish the difference between the 2 types of waves?

Nowadays, 100% pure human hair is being used by people all over the world and is very important, especially for black people. What’s more, all like to wear wigs that are both natural, and when worn, fit their heads. But to know each type and distinguish it, not everyone knows. Deep waves and water waves […]

Buy Human Hair Online – A Few Small But Super Powerful Tips You Can Apply For Your 1st Shopping!

buy human hair online

Buy Human Hair Online – How to have a good buying experience? Today I will share a few tips so that you can buy good hair at the most reasonable price Okay, let’s go! First, determine what you want to buy? You want natural straight hair to be able to change the hairstyle flexibly, you […]

7 ways to get heatless waves and curls 


7 ways to get heatless waves and curls 7-ways-to-get-heatless-waves-and-curls You need to know that your hair is very susceptible to damage through repeated use of heat tools for styling. Exposing hair to heat – especially frequently and at high temperatures – causes breakage, dryness, and overall damage. Do you think using a heat protectant means […]

7 Causes Of Itchy Scalp With Shedding

Causes Of Itchy Scalp With Shedding

Itchy scalp is a common condition. An itchy scalp can be caused by a combination of factors or be a symptom of an underlying medical condition. In some cases, this itching can be accompanied by peeling skin, scaly patches, swelling of the skin, and even severe shedding. 1. Causes of itchy scalp with shedding Shedding […]

How to choose the right lace and size to make Closure with 100% Human Hair with hot trend in 2021?

Types of Lace and Closure sizes

What kind of lace is good to use and what hair size is suitable for customers? Surely there are many people interested in having a perfect, beautiful and satisfied wig, you must pay attention to a lot of factors and details. The first is to choose a that hairstyle you and care about your hair […]

Which is the best of hairbrush is right for 8 kind of hair


Which Hairbrush Is Best For Your Hair? If you are a person who loves your hair, then have you ever wondered which hairbrush should be used for your hair? Finding the right hairbrush may sound like an unnecessary task, but it’s supposed to be a beauty tool that you use every day. More than simply […]

3 Hottest Textures Curly Hair For You | KINKY CURLY – DEEP CURLY – AFRO HAIR | Human Hair Extensions From Virgin Hair Vietnam

Today we will talk about curly hairstyles for super cool girls! This’s extremely special because it can completely change the appearance of a girl or a woman with a curly hairstyle. The same girl, but they always seem more personality and stronger with a style of curly hair. For a long time, curly hairstyles have […]

How To Straighten Curly Hair Quickly Without Going To The Salon In 6 Simple Ways

How To Straighten Curly Hair

You have curled your hair but it no longer holds the same style, or the hairstyle is outdated. You want to get your straight hair back quickly. So the ways to quickly straighten curly hair below are sure to make you satisfied. Ways to make curly hair quickly straighten 1. Egg and milk recipe for […]