Top 1 Human Hair Extensions – Human Hair Wigs? How Many Hair Bundles Are Needed To Make A Perfect Human Hair Wig?


How many bundles for human hair wigs? Human Hair Wig? How many bundles do our customers often buy? This depends on: 1. The hair length that the customer wants 2. Hair texture (straight hair, curly hair, wavy hair…) and size of closure/frontal 3. Standards of our customers with a wig (some customers want a thick […]

How to keep Body Wave hair wavy_ Hair care 2021

Body Wave is a wig that is being called a hot trend by the market and is used very popularly in countries around the world. Hairstyles are also very diverse today this hairstyle is very popular with many people. Keeping the body wavy will make the hair beautiful and raise people’s confidence. Being attractive can […]

Hair care: 9 things you can do to prevent winter hair damage


Hair care: 9 things you can do to prevent winter hair damage If you live in an area with winter weather, you’re probably familiar with the damage your hair takes. Cold weather outside combined with dry indoor temperatures can wreak havoc on your hair strands, leading to split ends and breakage. Just like skin, hair […]

How To Protect Hair From Air pollution

Your skin and hair are the first parts of our body that are exposed to air pollution. As for your skin, air pollution can be avoided with lotions available in the market. On the other hand, hair is often not protected much, they are directly exposed to pollution and environmental factors. Like skin, air pollution […]

How To Get Rid Of Static Electricity In Hair In Winter 2021


1. What causes static electricity in hair? The weather is dry in winter, the air creates less moisture (low humidity) in the environment, and accordingly the hair also holds less moisture. The data shows that the relative humidity of the hair will adjust to the humidity level of the environment. Therefore in winter, there are […]

Top 1 of the most popular questions: what is the biggest difference between the hair with full original cuticle hair and the hair with cuticle hair removed?

We got some same feedback from our clients, they also said, some hair at first when they received them in looks very nice, but when they used the hair, they noticed the hair is not beautiful and they spoil it very quickly. So we bought a few hair samples from other suppliers to test and […]

Piano hair color – Why is it always a special hair color that is popular with ladies in the past 3 years?

piano hair color - human hair extensions - vietnamese hair

Piano hair color came onto hot style many years ago and after a while becoming a trend, it has had many changes with many different colors, many different tones. However, piano color hair seems never to go out of fashion. Piano hair color becomes the trendy hair color on the hair market recently and become […]

Causes Of Damage Hair And How To Take care Of Hair for Autumn 2021


1. What is damage hair? It is not too difficult to recognize a damage hair. Hair is frizzy and weak, split ends at the ends, hair color is not reflective, dull. In particular, you can feel it more clearly when touching your hair, tangled and rough hair is difficult to comb. If your hair has […]