How To Protect Hair From Air pollution

Your skin and hair are the first parts of our body that are exposed to air pollution. As for your skin, air pollution can be avoided with lotions available in the market. On the other hand, hair is often not protected much, they are directly exposed to pollution and environmental factors. Like skin, air pollution also has many negative effects on hair. So, to keep your hair healthy and confident, you need to know through some ways to protect yourself from air pollution that is currently at an alarming rate in Vietnam.

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1. What is Air Pollution?

Air pollution is the presence in the air containing many types of substances that are dangerous to human health. When the air is more polluted, the pollutant particles will be smaller and finer (fine dust). Fine particles (PM) are mixtures of small particles & liquid droplets made up of acids, nitrates, sulfates, organic chemicals, metals, and soil and dust particles.
It also has a huge impact on human health in general and our scalp & hair follicles & hair in particular.

2. How does air pollution affect hair?

Expose the scalp cells to polluted air for 24 hours:
+ The content of Beta-catenin, protein in hair follicles decreased sharply.
+ The concentration of Cyclin D1, Cyclin E, CDK2 decreased sharply.
+ In hair follicles, the flesh is dry and gradually shrinks causing hair loss.

After experiments on humans, the dermatology research institute came to the conclusion that air pollution can irritate the scalp, dry the scalp, shrink hair follicles, thereby causing hair loss and even premature baldness. have a sensitive scalp. And finally, regardless of age or gender, the effects of air pollution on hair are equally severe.

3. What to do to protect hair from polluted air?

Pollution is increasing. So what to do and how in detail to protect your hair from polluted air? Let’s learn with Virgin Hair Vietnam through some basic easy ways to support your hair.
6 simple ways to protect hair from polluted air include:
– Wear a hat when going out.
– Drink enough water.
– Eat nutritious food
– Use the right shampoo & conditioner.
– Massage scalp with nourishing oil
– Nourish hair with natural mixtures.

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A. Wear a hat when going out.

The simplest way to protect your hair from pollutants is to wear a hat when going out. Hats help protect your scalp, sensitive hair follicles and hair from the harmful effects of environmental pollution and direct sunlight. From there, your hair will grow stronger, reducing the risk of dry hair, your hair loss.

B. Drink enough water.

Air pollution particles enter the body, they will adversely affect the hair follicles of your hair. But our body has a natural purification mechanism. So you should provide enough water for the body to help the body filter the dirt out of you. Drinking enough clean water is the best way to support your body to eliminate pollution from the body, helping your skin and hair to be safe.

C. Eat enough nutrition

Air pollution depletes nutrients that your body, skin, and hair follicles need to stay healthy. So eat a full range of nutrients that the body needs to compensate for the polluted part that makes the decline. Find out for yourself through the hair-supporting diet menus, they will help you know what you need to eat to have healthy hair.

D. Use the right shampoo & conditioner.

Wash your hair thoroughly with a negative-intensifying shampoo that supports hair growth to remove dirt and pollution. Washing your hair will also refresh the surface of your head. After shampooing, use hair conditioner to leave hair soft and healthy.

E. Scalp massage with nourishing oil

Nourish the scalp by massaging the scalp with nourishing oils. This is the best way to increase blood circulation in your scalp, helping to support hair follicles thereby stimulating stronger hair growth. Details are as follows:
+ Use nourishing oils to replenish nutrients for the scalp.
+ Use your fingers to gently massage the surface of the head.
+ After the massage, you just need to gently wash your hair as recommended by the conditioner you use.

F. Nourish hair with natural mixtures.

After supporting the scalp, we also need to pay attention to adding nutrients to our hair. Try to use natural blends you can make at home to supplement your hair. Limit the use of conditioning chemicals because in the long run these chemicals will harm your hair.