Top 1 of the most popular questions: what is the biggest difference between the hair with full original cuticle hair and the hair with cuticle hair removed?

We got some same feedback from our clients, they also said, some hair at first when they received them in looks very nice, but when they used the hair, they noticed the hair is not beautiful and they spoil it very quickly. So we bought a few hair samples from other suppliers to test and compare. At that time, I realized a very big difference between the hair with original cuticles and the hair that is removed from all hair cuticles.

It is an interesting fact that natural hair always has 3 layers, in order from inside to outside are medulla, cortex, and cuticle.

cuticle hair - cuticle aligned hair - vietnamese raw hair
Structure Of Hair

The cuticle is the outermost layer of hair. Usually, each cuticle of hair usually has 6-10 layers, one layer on top of the other. It is a protective layer. Shine is due to this layer and the intact cuticle cells are smooth & gloss reflect light from their surfaces. The cuticle layer is transparent.

Cortex: It is the second layer of the hair shaft. It is called the heart of the hair. It is the most important layer that contains granules of melanin. There are 2 types of melanin: Eumelanın (Dark) and Pheomelanin (Light). And most chemical treatment of the colors happens in the cortex layer.

Medulla: It is the innermost layer. Gray hair has it more. And wavy hair has it more than straight hair. It is found in the center of the hair shaft.

Of the three layers of hair, the cuticle layer has the most important role in keeping nutrients, moisturizing the hair as well as preventing harmful penetrations to the hair from the outside. And especially the cuticle layer plays the most important role in ensuring smooth and healthy-looking hair.

You know, during the time in the hair business, we’ve received a lot of questions if the hair cuticles are aligned or are in the same direction? We sympathize with that concern with my clients, because, when the hair cuticles are out of alignment, the client really has a big problem with the tangled hair.

And to eliminate the troubles associated with the tangled hair due to the hair cuticles not being aligned, many hair suppliers opt for removing the hair cuticle by acid. Removing the cuticle makes all the hair strands be same, so no need to worry about whether the hairs are facing one direction or not. In addition, removing the cuticle (a layer known to be hard and colorless) makes the hair thinner, and the surface of the hair slightly rough.

In addition, the loss of the hair cuticle makes the hair lose its luster and the hair is not as beautiful as the natural hair, so many hair suppliers have added a thin layer of silicone to cover the hair so that the hair is still luster and there is no rough feeling when our fingers go through the hair. This silicone layer is not washed away by water for a period of 8-12 weeks, after that time, the silicone layer starts to wear off, the hair starts to lose its shine, and starts to tangle more easily. The tangles usually from earliest at the ends of the hair, as that’s where the silicon layer is washed out the earliest.

My customers have told me that much hair from many suppliers leaves an impression on them from the first time they receive the hair, however, after using the hair for a period of time, the defects of the hair come out. And they no longer want to use them.

I believe that not all hair suppliers in the world do the same with hair, however, I think many other hair suppliers have done the same. I hope this information is useful to you.