How To Get Rid Of Static Electricity In Hair In Winter 2021


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1. What causes static electricity in hair?

The weather is dry in winter, the air creates less moisture (low humidity) in the environment, and accordingly the hair also holds less moisture. The data shows that the relative humidity of the hair will adjust to the humidity level of the environment. Therefore in winter, there are many symptoms of skin and hair, dry hair, and static electricity in the hair.


In winter, many people face such a problem as electrified hair. It doesn’t look very well taken care of – the locks protrude in different directions, fluff, the styling doesn’t lie properly. Moreover, the charged hair can be shocked, causing a lot of inconveniences. Usually, the electrification of the hair is enhanced in winter – when the clothes become looser, it is very voluminous, and the area in contact with the hair increases. But first, let’s try to figure out why the hair starts to become electrified.
Just like the rest of the body, hair can also be electrically charged.
For example, if you wear a hat, electrons can accumulate on the hat. When you take it off, negative electrons can follow your cap, making your hair positively charged. As a result, your hair will stand up because the hairs are now actively repelling each other, like a magnet.
These are some of the main causes of static hair. From there, you can know what you should do to prevent this annoying hair problem.

2. How to get rid of static electricity in hair?

2.1. Use a metal comb.

These combs conduct electricity, which helps to remove electrical particles in the hair and on the comb. Plastic combs can’t really increase your static because they don’t conduct electricity.

2.2. Relieve dryness with a highly moisturizing conditioner.

piano color hair - vietnamese hair - human hair extensions
piano color hair – vietnamese hair – human hair extensions

Dry hair is more susceptible to static electricity. Look for balms that contain oils or butters to help retain moisture.
Just apply a little on the ends of your hair, then smooth it out. However, remember not to apply moisturizer on the roots as it can make the hair greasy.

2.3. Wash your hair less often

Many people think that it is better to wash their hair every day. But keep in mind that the more you wash your hair, the more natural oils are removed from your hair, which can cause dryness and breakage. So you shouldn’t wash your hair every day, it’s better to wash your hair every two days instead of every other day. This is a simple yet effective way to reduce static electricity in your hair.

2.4. Do not use hair towel

Here is another tip on how to reduce static electricity in your hair that you should consider. Someone might find it odd, but using a towel to dry your hair can pull your strands out, causing frizz and breakage. So, instead of using a towel, you should use a cotton t-shirt after each wash to reduce static electricity in your hair. Because it is less abrasive and can absorb large amounts of water without removing too much moisture.

2.5. Choose natural fibers in headgear.

Choose hats, headbands, and scarves made of cotton, silk, or wool. They do not hold an electrical charge like synthetic fibers do. Try to avoid nylon and polyester, which are more likely to generate static electricity.

2.6. Use deep conditioning therapy.

Using a coconut hair mask or avocado hair mask once a week can keep your hair moisturized.

Virgin Hair Vietnam has shown you the main causes as well as tips on how to get rid of static electricity from your hair. We hope that this information will be very useful for you to make them at home. Wish you have beautiful and smooth hair!