Deep Wave and Water Wave how to distinguish the difference between the 2 types of waves?

Nowadays, 100% pure human hair is being used by people all over the world and is very important, especially for black people. What’s more, all like to wear wigs that are both natural, and when worn, fit their heads. But to know each type and distinguish it, not everyone knows.

Deep waves and water waves are now two types of waves that are used very commonly in the world, but to distinguish the types of wave structures, not everyone knows. These two textures are similarly curved. If you don’t know what to choose, then one of the two textures is perfect for you to choose from. These two textures look similar, but to know the difference, let’s learn about wave types and their differences.

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What is water wave hair?

Water Wave 26 ,26,28 inch
                          Water Wave 26 ,26,28 inch

From the water wave, we can understand it is very hot and it flows like water, so this hairstyle is also the reason why many people trust and use it popularly in recent years. Water wave texture is understood as a wave that gradually joins each other and can be understood as it is like water waves on the sea surface. Those waves are uneven, it brings a smooth, sexy beauty that brings natural beauty to create solemnity and elegance.

Characteristics of water waves

The water wave hairstyle is similar to the African American hairstyle, so it is possible to combine them with their own hair very well. In particular, they are textured 100% human hair and still virgin with the top weft is very delicate and full. They can also be bleached or dyed to your liking and styled.

With this hairstyle, it will always keep the style and does not take much care and can be used for 2-3 years if you take good care of it.

What is deep wave hair?

Deep Wave 3 bundle and 1 Closure
   Deep Wave 3 bundle and 1 Closure

Deep wave hairstyle is almost like water wave. Deep wave hair is also trusted by many African-Americans. This wave style curls will be tighter and a little neater than water waves. This is a bouncy, healthy hairstyle and a glossy exterior.

Characteristics of deep waves

About the double horizontal fear is neat, not tangled and falling off. The hair is very strong and its elasticity is very high. Moreover, the hair is always thick, the curls are all in the same direction.Hair is made from 100% pure human hair full cuticle. Lace of hair is crocheted with real hair very regularly and more specifically, the knots can be bleached and dyed to the liking of each person.

The life of the hair is very long, if we know how to take care of the hair, the hair can be kept for 2-3 years.

Difference between deep wave and water wave

Difference between Deep Wave and Water Wave
          Difference between Deep Wave and Water Wave

the first you can see the first difference between these 2 types of hair is the waves of each type . water wave you can see its curls positioned in opposite directions while for deep wave the hair is one side and relatively flat but lovely and romantic . If you read this far, do you know which hairstyle I like? if you like a crazy hairstyle, dramatic hairstyle then choose the wave hair because it is popular in the market and create stunning beauty and without having to invest a lot and too much effort and that hair. Besides wavy hair, if you want a sweet and lovely hair, you should choose deep wave hair.

In general, both of these hairstyles have their own beauty, but they are both attractive in the market today.

Where should you choose this hairstyle?

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