4 ways to air-dry hair extensions – The best way in 2021


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4 ways to air-dry hair extensions


Why should you air-dry tangled hair? so that your extension can be used for as long as possible is not only better for your wallet but also better for your hair extension. Because your human hair extension is made of 100% real human hair so that why heat styling, dyeing, and straightening can also cause great damage.

What are the benefits of air drying?

How long do hair extensions last? Virgin hair extensions are high-quality hair, but with daily wear and heat styling, even great hair can be damaged quickly. Air-drying your hair will help the extension blend with your hair more easily and seamlessly. You can also do different curls without using heat by cutting the braids and leaving them overnight. It will help keep your hair from being damaged by heat. So follow these easy and smart methods to air dry your hair extension.

One of the air-drying options below will help style your extensions in different ways to help create the desired texture or look without causing any damaging heat!

Straight dry

Do you love straightening your hair but don’t want to use a flat iron? This air-drying way to style straight hair is easy and doesn’t take much effort. After washing, simply place your extensions on a towel and let them air dry, after placing them down on the towel use a brush to smooth the strands so they dry quickly and straighten. To avoid frizz, apply hair conditioner to strands and brush sections out flat on a towel. Cover the extensions with a breathable silk scarf to help ensure the extensions stay as straight as possible while they are drying. After the hair is dry, it is recommended to comb the hair again to smooth the hair strands.

Twist dry

This method gives you quick, easy styling, the twist will give you romantic curls, perfect for date night. Take a small section of hair, divide it into two and start twisting both sections individually or all at once for larger waves, end to end, and lay flat to dry. Once dry, use your hands to pull the hair out of the twists to separate the strands. Using your hands will preserve the lifelike shape and texture. Be careful when brushing this technique out, it can make it look too curly. Let dry overnight in a well-ventilated place. In the morning, untwist and apply hair conditioner to help set and shape curls.

Braid to dry

Braiding your hair while air drying is an easy way to create soft waves. The 3-strand braid method creates a wide curl that is ideal for those looking for volume. Just braid each strand all the way to the end and lay flat to dry. Remember that the tighter the braid, the longer it will dry and the tighter the waves will be. Let your Virgin hair air-dry overnight in a well-ventilated space. Don’t forget, you can also braid your hair naturally and air-dry it to match the texture of the hair extension.

Hang dry – for natural waves

If you want to keep the hairstyle of your Virgin Hair extensions you can simply comb the tangled hair after washing, clip the extensions and hang them to dry. This will strengthen and encourage the natural structure of the hair. You can also gently “scrunch” it in your hand to increase the number of waves while it is air-dry.

You should limit the frequency of washing and drying your hair

We recommend washing your Virgin Hair once every 16 to 20 wears. Every time you curl your hair or use heat to style an extension, you are doing damage to your hair. so you need to have specific hair care methods for your hair.
When it’s time to wash your hair, use a sulfate-free shampoo. This will help keep your extensions soft and looking shiny and a conditioner is recommended. Next, apply a deeply moisturizing oil and leave it on for 10-15 minutes as this helps rehydrate the hair and counteract the damage caused by previous heat styling.

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