4 ways to take care hair that you should to know

Causes and ways to take care of hair to always have a beautiful, smooth hair.

As you have seen we use wigs for beauty today, wigs have returned to their true value, changing and evolving constantly. To have a smooth and natural hair of a wig like the hair on a human head, everyone can do it and the hair will inevitably fall out, dry, and very frizzy.

How to use wigs and ways to take care of hair is of great interest to many people. Here are the causes of damaged hair and ways to take care of it. Please read and learn about my writing below.

WhyBefore diving into this article we will explain why human hair wigs are dry.
With natural hair, your scalp produces a natural oil called sebum that helps keep your hair naturally moisturized. Natural oils are what keep hair moist and tangle-free that human wigs inevitably lack, causing hair to dry out over time, even with the best care.

However, many factors make our wigs like that depending on light, water, and temperature.

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 Here are 3 causes of frizzy and damaged wigs.

* This is the daily habit that leads to your wig being damaged:

1. how to use comb to brush hair

ways to take care using the comb properly
                                  ways to take care using the comb properly

Although we have good ways to take care, if we do not pay attention to how to comb our hair with the right comb, it will lead to a lot of hair loss. We have to comb our hair with a different number of combs: a thick comb will damage the hair because the hair is very damaged. Especially for curly hair. Brushing with a comb that is too thick too many times will cause too much friction on the wig. Using a lot of force to act on the hair like that will soon damage and lose hair. So curly hair we have to use a wide comb.

ways to take care, you need to choose the right comb for your hair
           ways to take care, you need to choose the right comb for your hair

2.The sun will damage the hair.


The sun shining on the hair will make the hair dry and frizzy
  The sun shining on the hair will make the hair dry and frizzy

How often do you “dry” your head in the sun? If yes then you are damaging your wig. Ultraviolet rays from the sun will affect the keratin protein in the hair shaft and make the hair damaged and very dry and hard.

So we have to ways to take care to moisturize our hair after going out.

3. Chemicals damage your hair.

As we all know, to make a beautiful and soft natural wig, it must be created through the process of steam and heat, so if we use a lot of chemicals and change color continuously, it will make the hair damaged. . The natural hair on the human head is nourished daily, but dyed a lot will easily become frizzy and burn hair. So we limit the use of chemicals and have a strong impact on the wig.

Human hair wigs start to feel brittle and hard, so don’t worry because as we all know, the technology is developing more and more to restore smooth hair, it’s not too difficult. Just follow our 4 steps on how to restore a human hair wig below and you will always have silky smooth hair without too much worry.

4 ways to take care :

ways to take care will have a beautiful soft hair
         ways to take care will have a beautiful soft hair

 1: Pre-wash the wig with natural oil.

Our ‘how to restore wig’ guide to adding moisture to your hair is essential. So, it makes sense that the first step to hair restoration is to condition our hair so that it always retains moisture.
It is recommended that you lightly coat the wig with a little natural oil, such as Moroccan oil or coconut oil, on the wig. Because of these oils, it makes the hair shiny and smooth and the hair does not dry out anymore
You should incubate that oil with that wig for about 30 minutes to let that natural oil penetrate your hair.

 2: Wash your hair

I will put the wig in a basin of water then I will wash it. Apply shampoo to the hair then gently rub the hair without rubbing it to avoid shedding and tangling the hair.
Then, carefully condition your wig with moisturizing wig shampoo.

 3: Moisturize the wig

After rinsing off all the moisturizing shampoo, you need to apply a little more conditioner to your hair. Thoroughly coat the wig with wig conditioner, working the hair from the front to the ends.

When moisturizing, you should pay attention to the nape of the neck and the ends of the hair because that place is very dry and the ends of the hair are very split and apply more oil here. When the human wig becomes dry and the way is most noticeable in these areas.

Let the moisturizing conditioner work for 3-5 minutes before rinsing it off with water. In this step the hair is very tangled so please pay attention and take care very carefully.

 4: Dry the wig

After rinsing out all the conditioner on my hair, I recommend that if you are not in a hurry, you should not dry it. After washing it clean, we gently squeeze the wig gently to squeeze out the water, then we put the wig in a towel and then gently squeeze the water to let the towel absorb the water.
Finally, you put the wig on the wig stand to dry naturally to avoid the wind that will make the hair tangled. However, if you want to dry to style your wig, you should leave the drying setting on a light setting.

Those are 4 ways to take care of your hair to have a smooth, soft, and tangle-free hair so that you can have beautiful hair.


How long can wigs be used and kept?

Ways to take care and keep for a long time this depends on how each person takes care. On average, each hair will be used for a period of 1-2 years, but if used and cared for properly, it can be used for 2-3 years .

After using, spray moisturizer, we need to wrap the ends of the hair in, wrap it with a protective mesh and put it in a nylon bag, tied tightly. To keep your hair in place, smooth and soft, you should remember not to hang your hair outside because leaving it out for a long time will make the hair dry and brittle, leading to tangles and loss. Wrap the hair neatly in the bag, squeeze the air out because the wig is exposed to a lot of air, it also makes the hair dry, easy to tangle and always keep the waves and waves.

Take a small section of hair, use a comb to smooth it, use a curling iron, wait for the hair to heat up, then release the hair, hold the curl in your hand. Wait for the hair to warm up and then release, to preserve the structure of the curls. For this way we can create different hairstyles.

Thus, I have learned the hair care methods and effective hair use to keep the hair smooth and manageable, and also pointed out and answered the questions that lead to hair loss. broken and frizzy If you want a beautiful hair but don’t know which supplier is suitable and give you a trendy, trendy hairstyle, then contact us. we always give free advice and you can experiment with our wigs. Please stop by VIRGIN HAIR VIETNAM. This is one of the leading suppliers of hair extension products in the world that will satisfy you and bring benefits to customers.
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