9 ways to protect hair while sleeping

protect hair while sleeping

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9 ways to protect hair while sleeping

For most people, hair health is just as important as any other part of the body. Due to the private feature of the hair of the people, it is certain that the hair will be damaged if you do not repair it. To help you keep your hair protected while you sleep, we’ve put together some hair tips that you need to keep in mind before you go to bed.

1. Do not bun your hair when you go to sleep


Do you often sleep with a messy bun or a ponytail? Did you know that in doing so the stress from a bun can put stress on the scalp and lead to hair damage? So instead of tying your hair up in a high bun, you can wear a loose three-strand braid or a loose bun to help prevent your hair from tangling while sleeping and your hair ends from breaking too much. Not only that, braiding your hair overnight will give you a beautiful wave every time you wake up.

2. Avoid getting your hair wet before going to bed

Do you have a habit of washing your hair at night? You should know that hair is most vulnerable when it is wet. so it’s important to dry your hair completely before going to bed. Because when the hair is wet, the hair is easier to stretch and break more easily. You should spend 1 to 2 hours drying your hair by using a microfiber towel to absorb the water or you can use a good quality hair dryer to avoid frizz.

3. Use oil treatment

This is an optimal way to take care of your hair. Applying hair conditioner to the hair and scalp can provide nutrients to help hair repair damage and moisturize hair, overcome dryness and reduce friction between hair strands. Not only that, this method can prevent hair loss.

4. Use 1 Silk Pillowcase

a silk+pillowcase

Silk is usually softer and more comfortable than cotton. A silk pillow allows your hair not to get damaged and too much friction. Sleeping on a cotton pillowcase is one of the main causes of coarse, dry, and split ends hair.

5. Use a satin headscarf.




a satin headscarf.


Just like Silk Pillowcase, a satin scarf will help you protect your hair and maintain your style, preventing tangles when you wake up.

6. Remove your hair extensions before going to bed

You should choose hairstyles that are comfortable when you sleep and the hair is free of anything that can affect the health of the hair. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the hair extensions of Virgin Hair Vietnam. Although it does not adversely affect your hair even though wearing them to bed can cause both your hair and the extension to be damaged and frizzy.

7. Use a fabric scrunchie


Using plastic hair clips or rubber hair bands with metal hooks not only creates ridges in the hair but also causes friction that leads to hair breakage. Instead, use a fabric scrunchie because it is very soft and less harmful to the hair.

8. You should brush your hair before going to bed

brush your hair
brush your hair

Brushing your hair gently from the roots to the ends with a paddle brush or a pig bristle brush before going to bed will help keep your hair from tangling and combing hair with a pig bristle brush also works to evenly distribute natural oils from the scalp through the hair.

9. Apply dry shampoo

Washing your hair too much can strip your hair of its natural oils leading to dry and brittle hair. To clean and protect your hair without washing it with water, you can use dry shampoo at night. This way, the dry shampoo will absorb the natural oils and sweat released from your hair and oily skin while you sleep.

By taking a few extra measures each night and incorporating hair care into your nighttime beauty regimen, you can ensure that your hair is protected overnight so it can grow long, strong, healthy, and with no stickiness!

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