The notes you need to know to dye your hair beautifully – safe and 5 things you didn’t know

Brown color - Ombre color - Black color from Virgin Hair Vietnam

A suitable hairstyle, a skin tone hair color will give you a new and more trendy look. However, it will be “torture” if you have not really learned about the ingredients of the dye and how to have an even and beautiful dyed hair. Therefore, before dye your hair you need to choose the right color and learn about how to care for your hair after dyeing. The following tips will help your hair be more perfect.

Beautiful hair styles and colors from Virgin Hair Vietnam
Beautiful hairstyles and colors from Virgin Hair Vietnam

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Some notes to know to dye your hair beautifully and safely

1. Why should you choose a hair color that matches your skin tone?

Most girls always choose the color according to their taste or trend, but they don’t think it’s a bad thing to do. Because not all dyes bring good effects to your skin and face. Choosing a suitable dye color will help you look more eye-catching and attractive. Conversely, if the dye is not suitable, it will make you “sink” according to the color of your hair and skin.
According to the experience of hairstylists, hair dye is always darker than the picture on the box. So before dyeing your hair, you should choose a lighter color than your desired color. You can choose from different hair colors that match your style and skin tone.

Piano color bundle straight hair 10 inches
Piano color bundle straight hair 10 inches

2. Don’t let your hair get dirty and tangled before dye your hair

Do not condition your hair for a few hours before dyeing your hair, just use regular shampoo. It’s important to make sure your dyed hair lasts forever that you keep it completely clean, tangle-free, dandruff- and oil-free before dye your hair.
Trim dry and split ends for a more even color. Hair should be moistened before dyeing.

Wig ombre color long straight hair
Wig ombre color long straight hair

3. Check the dye ingredients to avoid allergies

After choosing the dye, you apply it to the neck or behind the ears to check for allergies, rashes, burning pain, hair loss or not. Do a test about 1 to 2 days before dyeing your hair because each dye has a different composition. If you don’t check the dye ingredients first, you can have serious consequences for yourself.

However, if you fall into this category, you should not dye your hair:
+ Cases with too sensitive scalp, allergic to hair dyes or problems related to hair and scalp (hair loss, psoriasis …).
Women who are pregnant, nursing or planning to become pregnant.
+ People whose hair is too damaged, bleached and dyed many times…

Natural wave - Bouncy hair blonde color
Natural wave – Bouncy hair blonde color Human Hair Extension

4. Is hair dye harmful?

In essence, hair dyeing is the process of using chemicals to change the natural hair color, so it is certain that more or less they also affect the health of the hair. Usually, the degree of damage will also depend on the dye color: for dyes that need bleaching, it will cause more impact and toxicity than unbleached dyes.
Dyeing your hair also easily makes your hair dry, split ends, and loses shine.
Atopic dermatitis may occur in areas exposed to the dye for sensitive skin. Therefore, you should carefully consider your hair condition as well as your needs to make the right choice.

You should choose for yourself a good quality dye that is suitable for the condition of your hair.
You should choose for yourself a good quality dye your hair that is suitable for the condition.

5. Take care of the hair after dye

Choosing shampoo after dyeing hair
After dyeing, hair color needs time to stick and settle, so it is best to wait for 2-3 days before cleaning them with shampoo. Also, avoid using shampoos that contain strong ingredients or wash your hair with hot water because it will make your hair color fade faster. Choose the right shampoo, which helps to create a protective shield for the hair strands as well as keep the color for a long time. It is best to choose specialized products for dyed hair, you can ask the salon where you dye your hair for more advice.
In order to keep the dye color durable and beautiful, we must invest in regular care and maintenance. In addition to using conditioner after each shampoo, you should combine the use of hair conditioners when your hair is dry, about once every 2-3 weeks, you should steam your hair to reduce damage, prevent dry hair, and make your hair healthy always shine.

Brown color bundles and closure bone straight hair
Brown color bundles and closure bone straight hair

Something you need to know:

– Use dyes with natural ingredients, from reputable brands, suitable for your hair.
– Avoid letting the dye touch your scalp, hairline…
– After dye your hair, you need to take care of your hair more carefully, wash your hair with shampoos and conditioners with moisturizing ingredients for the hair.
– Should steam the hair once a month.
– The interval between dyes should not be too close, preferably more than 6 months.
– Protect hair from the sun.
– Do not go swimming before dye your hair and 2 weeks after dye your hair.
– Choosing a complete diet is beneficial for the hair.

Besides styling, hair dyeing is also an indispensable part to help women as well as men to have a more youthful, stylish and new appearance. Therefore, before you intend to beautify yourself, remember to refer to the above notes so that you do not have to be confused about the choices.

Virgin Hair Vietnam would like to send the above useful information to those of you who have dyed your hair (or are about to want to dye your hair).