How often should you cut your hair?

As for hair, there is no set time exactly how often to cut your hair once. Because, determining the time to “refurbish” the hair shape also depends on the hairstyle you are wearing, how to care, the degree of damage … Most girls have the habit of cutting back after 6 to 8 weeks, but The day rule does not apply to all hairstyles.
1. Short hair: 6 weeks
The reason is because short hair is easy to lose its original shape when it gets longer, and unless you want to grow your hair, take the time to go to the salon 6 weeks (about a month and a half) after you last cut your hair. there.

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Although the time to cut is quite fast and may cause you to take advantage of frequent visits to the salon, don’t rush to feel “annoyed”, consider going to the salon a time to relax and take care of yourself. . You will always have beautiful hair like the first day you walked out of the salon.
2. Long hair: 3 months
If you have long hair, the time to return to your hairdresser may be a bit delayed compared to short hair girls. If you’ve ever dyed it, it’s inevitable that your hair will appear a little damaged, especially at the ends of your hair, it will be easy to dry, split ends.

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Straight wig Vietnamese raw hair


To limit the damage of damaged hair, take away hair nutrients, after three to four months is the period that experts recommend if you want healthy hair from root to tip and keep it in shape.
3. Thin, curly or straight hair: 4-6 weeks

Almost everyone who owns this type of hair feels “difficult” because they always have to face the worry of revealing the sparse hair at the top of the head. So always have to be careful with the hairstyle, keep the hair shape stable, slightly puffy to create the feeling of thick hair.

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If you keep your hair too short, you will be afraid of your hair being easily greasy, if you are too long, you will see less hair, so thin hair should keep the length moderate, slightly over the shoulder is ideal. Then, about 4 to 6 times to cut back to maintain the desired hair shape, she will feel more confident with her hair.
4. Bangs: 2 weeks
No matter what bangs you have, thin bangs or thick bangs, to achieve the desired results you have to “refurbish” them once every 2 weeks. Thus, the long bangs will not make you uncomfortable at the eyelids and always keep the original beauty. Cutting bangs does not take too much time, so in order to always look beautiful, girls should cut regularly according to the above schedule.

5. Damaged hair
4 weeks is a reasonable and necessary period for girls with damaged hair. Because it is quite difficult to repair damage from the process of using chemicals, coloring or heat styling. Therefore, we need to cut our hair regularly every month to gradually remove the amount of damaged hair while still giving enough time for healthy hair roots to gradually grow out.

However, before you can cut your hair, you can also follow the following ways to help damaged hair recover.