I-tip Hair Extensions: Everything You Should Know For Hot Product 2021


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I-tip Hair Extensions: Everything You Should Know For Hot Product 2021

Nowadays, human hair extensions are more and more popular. There are many kinds of hair extensions such as clip-in, i-tip, tape-in, ponytail,…. That makes many people feel confused to choose which one is the best for them because each type of hair extension has different features and is used for different needs. That’s why it’s not a good idea if you just buy the first extensions you come across without knowing anything about it.

So if you are wondering if I-tip hair extensions are right for you or simply want to know more about them.

Today, we would like to help you know deeply I-tip hair extensions by analyzing all their advantages and disadvantages.

What are I-tip hair extensions?

I-Tip hair extensions are one of the newest extension application systems and they are proven to give excellent results. The I-Tip hair extension is made up of multiple hairs glued together at the top. i-tp hair extension is applicable without the use of heat or glue.


How long do the I-tip hair extensions last?

I-tip hair extension can last for a long time if the hair is properly cared for and maintained. Virgin Hair Vietnam’s I-tip extension will last between six and eight months, which is a good standard for most good quality extensions.
When you wear the extension cord for a few weeks, your hair will grow as normal, and that growth causes the beads and hair extensions to move further and further away from the scalp. At-home maintenance for your extensions requires regular wrapping or clipping and washing your hair every two to three weeks. You should visit the hair salon regularly (every four to six weeks) so that the posts can be opened and the hair removed.
cheap price itip hair - kinky curly hair - kinky straight hair
cheap price itip hair – kinky curly hair – kinky straight hair

The advantages of I-tip hair extension

cheap price itip hair - kinky curly hair - kinky straight hair

You can attach I-tip hair extensions at home

If you have a few tools and knowledge of the installation process, you can install them at home. This is a big advantage of using I-tip hair extensions as it saves you money and your time.

Quick and easy removal

If the installation was easy, it would be simpler to remove the I-tip hair extensions in a few minutes. All you need to do is locate the first bead and use pliers to press on it. The bead will be opened and the I-shaped hair extension will simply slide down.

They are great for thin hair

Since I-tip extensions are lightweight and don’t put pressure on your natural hair, they are perfect for those with thin hair. Many application methods are not suitable for thin hair and can damage hair. That’s why so many girls stay away from hair extensions altogether. However, it is not necessary because the I-shaped hair extension will not harm thinning hair and increase overall density.

It can be used to create highlights and add color.

You can combine different colors for interesting accents as the rod extensions are individually threaded. This makes extensions very interesting and innovative. Since it is made from 100% natural hair, you can create any unique hairstyle you want and express your personality. I-tip hair extensions are made to match our natural hair for a perfect extension. There are several popular textures like straight, curly, wavy, and many more. Even, when you feel bored with the current texture, you can change it easily.

Natural hair movement

The hair will lack natural movement when the extension includes large wefts, so it may be more obvious that the hairs are not real. But because the I-tip extension is a hair by filament method, the movement is smoother and everything looks perfect.

The Disadvantages of I-Tip Hair Extensions

Besides the advantages, I-tip Hair Extensions also have some disadvantages that you need to be aware of.

You need tools to install

What seems to be a drawback is the fact that special tools are required to apply for these extensions. However, they are inexpensive and can be purchased at many hair salons and stores. You also need to learn how to use these tools, otherwise, the extension’s backends may break.

I-tip hair extensions need to be reinstalled frequently

If you don’t reapply the I-shaped ends on a regular basis, they will become more noticeable and possibly damaged. As hair grows, like other semi-permanent extensions, the ends will be moved downwards.

That’s why they need to be refitted every month or two. It sounds like a drag but it’s a quick process that can be done at home. Simply pressing the beads with pliers opens and pushes the I- tip head upwards. Keeping some space at the roots is essential.

Installation can be complicated for beginners

While it is possible to install I-tip hair extensions yourself at home, some beginners may find it too complicated. It is very easy to get lost in all the fibers and seeds. You need to know how to cut the hair, how many strands to put in, how to thread the strands through the beads, and finally how to close the beads.
If you’re going to do it yourself with no prior experience, we recommend checking out some of the video tutorials first. Just to get a better understanding of how it’s done.

Combing and washing are more complicated

Simple tasks like brushing or washing your natural hair can become a bit more complicated when you use I-tip hair extensions. You need to be more careful and spend more time on maintenance.
When combing, it’s important to stay away from particles and start from the ends of the hair to the roots. You should also approach the particles carefully during shampooing. Rub gently around them and avoid tugging. These are just some of the things that need to be adjusted when wearing an I-tip hair extension. Although the changes are not significant, you still need to be prepared to have some new habits.
And now you understand more about the pros and cons of I-tip hair extensions and can make the right choices for you. If you want to buy any kind of hair extensions of high quality, please visit VIRGIN HAIR VIETNAM. This is one of the leading suppliers of hair extensions in the world that will satisfy you.
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