How Long Does Lace Frontal Wig Last? – 5 Things You Should Know

Lace frontal wig from Virgin Hair Vietnam

Lace Front wigs use extra lace to mimic the soft, natural hairline for the person wearing the wig instead of the “exposed” hairline that can make the user clearly see that the wig is wearing.

Lace frontal wig from Virgin Hair Vietnam
Lace frontal wig from Virgin Hair Vietnam

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1. What is Lace Frontal Wig?

Regardless of whether you are looking for a curly wig, short wig or bouncy hair to match your style, hair color or skin tone, Lace Frontal wig has it all.

Lace Frontal wig is a wig made from 100% human hair with a double scalp top layer simulated by high-end technology, 99.99% authenticity…. Lace Front wig is very popular because of its perfect reproduction compared to human hair, it is difficult to tell if a person is wearing a wig if they use a Lace Frontal wig.

Lace frontal bone straight
Lace frontal bone straight

What are the benefits of the double scalp top layer for wigs? This is like a lace layer that helps to fix the hair strands together, almost creating no space between the hair and the scalp but still breathable, not causing the tunnel. It helps users increase the ability to style and retain the natural hairline.

Lace Frontal wig combines the benefits of a double scalp top layer using a durable material that is less damaging to the wig. Therefore, Lace Frontal Wig offers a balance between natural look and durability that is superior to other wigs.

2. How is Lace Frontal wig made?

Lace Frontal wigs are made by securing a small scalp-colored lace mesh to the front of the wig cap and then hand-knotting the hairs through the holes of the lace so that they can move freely like natural hair. This lace sheet blends well with the scalp color so all you can see are the soft strands of hair in the front.

Lace frontal body wave
Lace frontal body wave

Any excess lace from the faux scalp layer board is clipped to the shape of the natural hairline with microfibers sewn to simulate a ‘baby hair’ on the hairline.

3. Benefits of Lace Frontal Wigs

– Firstly, they are much lighter and more breathable than traditional wigs.
– Second, because the hairs are soft at the front of the hairline, Lace Frontal Wigs are virtually undetectable, ideal for people with complete hair loss or thinning hair.
– Third, because the cap of the milky white wig is placed further back, thanks to the front lace, the user can tuck the hair behind the ear or pull the hair back without it being obvious that they are wearing a wig. The nature of Lace Frontal Wigs makes them great for more versatile styling.

4. How long does Lace Frontal Wig last?

That depends on the quality of your hair and how you properly care for and maintain the wig. Lace Frontal wig made of 100% human hair can last up to three years. And its cost is not expensive.

5. How to take care of Lace Frontal Wig

The fragility of lace means it needs gentle care to keep it intact and in good shape! Lace Frontal wigs are an investment and can last a lifetime when handled well. Never rub the lace, but wash it gently and without sticking to the fabric, being careful not to put conditioner near the lace as it can wash away the hair.

During use, it is necessary to limit the wind blowing into the hair when traveling on the road by different means. The elements of rainwater and the harsh sun of the sun also need to be avoided as it makes your hair dry and brittle.

HD lace Swiss lace Transparent lace - Frontal 13x3, 13x4, 13x6
HD lace Swiss lace Transparent lace – Frontal 13×3, 13×4, 13×6

Pay attention if you want the wig not to lose color and shine, it is necessary to avoid the wig being soaked in rainwater or exposed to the sun. When going out in bad weather or hot sun, put the wig in sunscreen to ensure the safety of your wig.

When you’re done using your hair, make sure you comb it back into place and hang it on a shelf, or fold it into a storage bag, instead of dumping it in a corner of the room or folding it on a hanger.

If more carefully, after use, you can brush your hair and use a specialized hair spray for wigs, then roll the ends of the hair inwards, wrap it with a protective mesh and put it in a plastic bag, tie it tightly. This helps to keep the hair in place and soft as new.

Also, if you intend to travel long distances and take it with you, make sure you know how to roll it up instead of cluttering it up in your bag.