How to choose the right lace and size to make Closure with 100% Human Hair with hot trend in 2021?

Types of Lace and Closure sizes

What kind of lace is good to use and what hair size is suitable for customers?

Surely there are many people interested in having a perfect, beautiful and satisfied wig, you must pay attention to a lot of factors and details. The first is to choose a that hairstyle you and care about your hair quality and an important part is that the lace part of the wig is indispensable and used a very part. Today I will introduce to you the types of lanyards and closure sizes to suit you both in terms of economy and quality. Each person has their own preference for lace and wishes to have a lace that matches their skin tone, is thin and not too revealing, creating a very natural hair feel.

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Lace is chosen by many suppliers.

About the types of Lace include HD , Transparents, Swiss Dark Brown, Swiss Medium Brown.

Closure and Frontal lace types
                       Closure and Frontal lace types

This type of HD lace is being used very popularly in the market in recent years. It is a very soft lace, when worn on the head the color with the hair color and skin color is very natural harmony. Since it is very thin, we must also use it carefully to avoid tearing the lanyard.

Swiss lace is a common type of lace that is trusted by many people. This one is thicker than the others. The Swiss lace will melt on your skin when you wear it, it will give you a look that is hard to recognize.

Transparent lace is an absolutely undetectable material that runs along the hairline. We can see with this type used very naturally suitable for hair that is pushed back. These are the types that I have introduced, but each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, so you can choose according to your wishes, but they are all very thin and easy to tear, so we have to use them. Be careful not to tear.
Besides choosing Lace we need to choose the right size.
We have 2 Ren Closure and Lace Frontal. Frontal lace is very wide in size, very long from ear to ear. However, not everyone can afford to do this, especially for suppliers who are just starting their business, it is a bit expensive and it is a high cost.
The closed lace part is the hair on the forehead. Curls are tied on a base of Lace (HD, Swiss and Transparent) for natural and invisible hair. And can be divided into 3 parts, 2 parts or a free part depending on the customer’s choice.

closures come in different sizes:  2×4, 2×5,2×6, 3×4, 3×5, 4×4, 5×5, 6×6, 7×7 Closure.

Wig Bone Straight make 3 bundle and 1 2x6 closure
      Wig Bone Straight make 3 bundle and 1 2×6 closure

 2×4 Closure, 2×5 Closure, 2×6 Closure

The obvious difference is the thread size. These 3 sizes are 2 inches wide at the top and close in 4 inch, 5 inch and 6 inch sizes. With this size we have a relatively cheap price, but because the size of the net is very small, it can only hook hair (100% human hair) in a small amount, so it will be small and small when closed.

2x6 Closure Straight Hair
                             2×6 Closure Straight Hair

3×4, 4×4 Closure

The obvious difference is the yarn size. The net width is 3 inches and 4 inches and they both have a depth of 4 inches. This size will be larger than the sizes I just introduced but the price will be slightly higher than the 2×4, 2×5, 2×6 Closure . Because of the size of 3×4 , 4×4 Closure of the net, the hair will be covered with lace by the worker, the density of the hook will be thick or thin depending on the customer’s request.

Wig Bone Straight make 3 bundle and 1 2x6 closure
   Wig Bone Straight make 3 bundle and 1 2×6 closure

5×5 Closure, 6×6 Closure, 7×7 Closure These three dimensions will be of equal depth and width

5×5 Closure : Has a width of 5cm and a depth of 5cm
6×6 Closure : Has a width of 6cm and a depth of 6cm
7×7 Closure : Has a width of 7cm and a depth of 7cm

Bone Straight 3 bundle 24 inch and 7x7 Closure
      Bone Straight 3 bundle 24 inch and 7×7 Closure

All are made from mesh selected by the customer and are worker with 100% Human Hair natural hair. However, the size of the 7×7 Closure  will be the largest and since it has the same width and depth, the number of hairs to hook on the closure will be more, so the hair will look very long.

Then comes the 6×6 Closure which will be 1 cm smaller than both the width and depth of the 7×7 Closure and the 5×5 closure which will be 1 cm smaller than the 6×6 closure. Above are lace Closures of different sizes, but each customer has a reason to choose their own appropriate size.

6x6 Closure
                                                         6×6 Closure

However, in the market, the sizes used by suppliers are 4×4 Closure and 5×5 Closure. Because these 2 sizes are moderate and the price is not too high, it is also very suitable for suppliers who are just starting their business.

4x4 Closure and 5x5 Closure
                        4×4 Closure and 5×5 Closure

Attention and reassurance on the quality of the hair and mesh. For hair, we must use 100% human hair and its lace is suitable for each customer’s skin color.

If you still have not found a supplier for you, please contact us at Whatsapp +84 37271 8393 for advice and choose the size you want. Our company is Virgin Hair Vietnam company with more than 30 years of experience in our profession, we make hair using 100% human hair of Vietnamese and Cambodian people. We have large workshop that can adjust all the quality according to customer’s will. So hurry up and contact us for support and get attractive offers.

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