What Is A Ponytail Wig? The Most Beautiful Ponytail Hairstyles With 2021

What is a ponytail wig - human hair extension

Among all the hair accessories, ponytail wigs are always the most sought after by women. This is a type of accessory that can meet the needs of creating and transforming hair in a creative and convenient way for women. So what is a ponytail and how do you use it? If you do not know, you should immediately see Virgin Hair Vietnam sharing about this type of accessory below.

Ponytail wig from Virgin Hair Vietnam
Ponytail wig from Virgin Hair Vietnam

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1. What is a ponytail wig?

It is a hair accessory that is intended to be attached to real hair to make it longer, thicker and more beautiful. Simply put, it is a bunch of wigs that are meticulously made to look like human hair. The ponytail wig has a certain length and does not have to be fixed on human hair. Wig users can take off and take off very easily.

Many people also wonder what is the material for making a ponytail? The answer is that ponytail wigs are usually made of synthetic materials, but today with modern technology, they look very similar to human hair. However, there are many more advanced wigs made entirely of human hair. Therefore, wigs made of real hair will cost more, on the contrary, it can be used for a long time, more durable and beautiful than other materials.
Wigs also come in different lengths, with some just over the shoulder length, but also some that are longer than half the back. Wigs can also be styled and dyed to meet the increasing needs of women.

2. What are the advantages of using a ponytail?

In your opinion, what are the advantages of ponytail wigs besides convenience? If you haven’t thought of it yet, check out the advantages below:

The ponytail wig has many advantages
The ponytail wig has many advantages

– Easy to use, very quick and simple to attach to the hair
– The wig is firmly designed so it’s also very strong when tied on the hair
– Today there are many types of ponytail wigs that are suitable for many different hairstyles, so women have many choices.
– It’s pre-styled so it’s very convenient
– Material suitable for the user
– The ponytail wig also lasts a long time
– Can be flexible in the way of tying such as high or low tying
– Safe for real hair

3. How long can the ponytail wig be used?

In addition to wondering what a ponytail wig is, surely you are also interested in how long the ponytail wig will last?
How long a ponytail wig can be used depends on many factors. Including: how to use, how to preserve, how often to use the wig…. A little-used and well-groomed hair will definitely last longer, can be kept for several years. But if used regularly or without proper care, it can only be used for up to 1 year.
Although it is a wig, this type of accessory still needs to be cared for and maintained properly.

4. How to tie a ponytail quickly and firmly

After knowing what a ponytail wig is as well as the advantages of this accessory, do you think you should invest it? If yes, then you should learn more about how to use a ponytail.
You can follow these steps:

Instructions for tying a ponytail wig
Instructions for tying a ponytail wig

Step 1: Tie all your human hair to the back of your head
First, you need to comb your hair neatly, without tangles. Then tie all your human hair to the back of your head. The low height will depend on the length of your hair and your preferences.
Step 2: Tie the wig onto your human hair
Tie the wig onto the ponytail. Pay attention to properly tie and tie tightly so that the hair does not fall off.
Step 3: Correct the shape and spray for the wig
Not only have you answered the question of what a ponytail is, but now you know how to tie a ponytail more firmly. Make sure you tie it up properly, you’ve tied it tight in your hair. Then look in the mirror and straighten your hair. Spray more hair conditioner to make the hair become softer and more natural.

Natural wavy ponytail wig - Vietnamese raw hair - Full cuticle aligned
Natural wavy ponytail wig – Vietnamese raw hair – Full cuticle aligned

Have you seen all the shares about Virgin Hair Vietnam ponytail wig? Hope you understand what a ponytail wig is and know more about new wig models. The last thing Virgin Hair Vietnam wants to remind you is to choose the hairstyle that you like and choose for yourself quality hair.