Should I Buy A Human Hair Wig ? 10 Things You Need To Know

Human hair wig from Virgin Hair Vietnam

Surely every wig fan knows that now there are many lines of materials to make this accessory. Therefore, the question of whether to buy a wig with human hair is not always concerned. And the answer is for you that, human hair wig is a perfect choice. To clarify this, we will explore the benefits that this product brings to you.

raw cuticle aligned hair - vietnamese raw hair - raw hair vendor
Raw cuticle aligned hair – human hair wig – raw hair vendor

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1.The ultimate beauty and naturalness

Wigs are the external decoration of each person, so beauty and naturalness are always in high demand. And the more the product is made by human hands, the more attention is given to this naturalness.
With a human hair wig, you will admire the smooth, shiny beauty of this hair. Touch or run your hand through each strand of hair, you will love this material even more. And of course, there is no better shape than made from human hair. You wear a sample of a wig made from this material, only if someone with natural hair is standing next to you will notice the difference, otherwise it is hard to tell it is from a child’s hand. maker.

2. The durability of human hair wig is the longest of all materials

Spending a much higher amount of money than artificial silk or nylon wig models, but in exchange for the long-lasting and durable beauty of real hair wigs; Should I buy it or not?
Reality has proven that the life of products from silk or nylon is only a few months, and you have to spend money to buy another model. As for human hair wig, this time is calculated in years, even up to 3-4 years if you store it properly. Taking care of hair from human hair is also easier and simpler because it is less frizzy, not rough and can be used as you are for natural hair to care.

3. The safest human hair wig for users

Convinced that giving you a sample of a wig and saying it’s cheap and beautiful won’t be as appealing as its promise of safety and friendliness to your natural scalp.
There have been many cases of wearing wigs and receiving extremely dangerous consequences: Dandruff appeared, allergies to the point of scalp sores, real hair loss or even baldness due to the impact of poor quality hair ingredients. from rayon and nylon. Therefore, customers are more careful when choosing to buy. The introduction of 100% human hair wig seems to be a new turning point for this accessory.
Users can rest assured that no matter how sensitive their scalp is, it will not be affected, because it is simply human hair. You can wear a wig from human hair for the rest of the day without feeling sweaty, sometimes you don’t even remember you’re wearing a wig. Because whether it is styled long or short, thick or thin, wavy or straight, it is always gentle and slender.

4. The most diverse styling with human hair wigs

You are a person who loves to experiment with new hairstyles, but if it is a rayon or nylon wig, this is limited and even impossible. Simply because its resistance to heat or chemical eating is very weak, it cannot be styled.
On the contrary, if it is a wig with human hair, you just need to think about what style you want to wear. Because it will allow you to vary with many colors, many styles, even the final product is a hundred times more beautiful than if you style it from your own hair. If you are worried that styling a lot will make your hair dry and tangled, you can rest assured because its quality and smoothness will not be affected by this.

brown hair extensions - vietnamese raw hair - human hair closure and bundles
Brown hair extensions – Vietnamese raw hair – human hair wig

5. Diverse choices for every style and taste

Are you a difficult customer? Or simply your head and face are very picky about hairstyles? Then the human hair wig in this case is the number 1 priority choice. Simply because it has all the styles, colors, lengths, and thicknesses that you want.

You can feel free to try and experiment until you find the product you like. You know, hair from man-made fibers has a limitation in terms of styling because it is simply not heat-resistant by nature, so it can’t make attractive hairstyles like natural human hair.

You are a personality girl, you can choose VIC hairstyles, short hair, or ponytails, dotted with highlights or ombre colors are all great. And if you are a gentle, feminine girl, the styles of the light C-shaped bun, the big waves on the back or the traditional straight hairstyle are all options not to be missed.

6. The smartest and most delicate concealer

Everyone’s need to buy a wig is different, some people like to be beautiful, some people want to change their style, some people want to cover their shortcomings. And with human hair wigs, thanks to the naturalness as well as the ability to create many styles, its “covering defects” is the best.

Simply, you have an angular, square face, so you are less confident, the hair model with long bangs will make it slimmer and more compact. Or you have bald, silver bangs, silver-covered bangs or full head hair will solve this problem in a heartbeat. Or a hair that is too short, you are growing it long, but in the meantime still beautiful and confident thanks to the wig model.

Moreover, in each wig model made from human hair, you can also experience a super real fake scalp, just like a natural scalp. Therefore, its ability to conceal is extremely good, no matter how you tie it up, style it or move it, it is not easy to be detected using a wig.

lace front wigs - lace front pre plucked wigs - virgin human hair wigs
Lace front wigs – virgin human hair wig from Virgin Hair Vietnam

7. Change your look beautiful and stylish

This benefit is obtained simply because with human hair wigs, the ability to create ravishing beautiful hairstyles is very high. Whether you want modern or traditional, short or long hair, wavy or simple curls, can be found with the line of real hair materials. This is the point that no other line of artificial silk can do.

Better yet, with a user-friendly and easy-to-use structure, changing the look of the girls only takes a few minutes, instead of waiting all day in a hair salon. Today you are a girly girl, tomorrow you can be a cool tomboy with just a hairstyle.

8. Big money savings compared to salon hairdos

If you are a girl, you must have styled more than once outside the salon, the cost of it probably does not need to be specifically shared with you. But the truth is that the cost will be much higher than using a real hair wig. You calculate that a year you will at least do your hair twice, sometimes 3-5 times, so the cost is too high. While with a wig made from human hair, the lifespan is up to 3-5 years and you are comfortable styling with it.

Not to mention using too many chemicals for natural hair will make it dry, brittle, and even worse, affect health. While wig samples are too safe. So there is no reason for you to turn down such a great accessory.

9. Protect human hair to the fullest

Diverse designs, easy-to-use, absolutely safe materials and true beauty of human hair wig also take on the role of 100% safe protection for your natural hair. So choosing it is not only that you are choosing the right modern beauty method, but also being smart in protecting your own health and natural hair.

This is hard to find in synthetic hair models, because they use too many chemicals, colors, and softeners to get the hairstyle you see. That’s why conditions such as dandruff, itchy scalp, rashes, real hair loss and even make you allergic to wigs happen. So as a smart customer, choose products with the highest safety standards.

10. Suitable for many objects and nature of work

Human hair wig are styled with many different colors, styles, short lengths and thicknesses. Therefore, it is suitable for many personalities, tastes and needs of customers. So no matter who you are, you can choose the right hairstyle for you. Whether you are a young girl or a middle-aged lady, a boy or a girl, there are products just for you.

Customers choose wigs from human hair, just as they want to style their hair to match their face. Moreover, you can also trim and style the hair to get the final product right. But with a rayon wig, styling or trimming is difficult because its nature is not like natural hair.

The 10 reasons Virgin Hair Vietnam analyzed above are enough for you to untangle the question of whether to buy a wig with human hair? It is not natural that high-class and large-scale brands of human hair wigs were born. Because they, like smart customers, always know how to choose the best and most worthy values ​​for themselves.