How To Straighten Curly Hair Quickly Without Going To The Salon In 6 Simple Ways

How To Straighten Curly Hair

You have curled your hair but it no longer holds the same style, or the hairstyle is outdated. You want to get your straight hair back quickly. So the ways to quickly straighten curly hair below are sure to make you satisfied.

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Ways to make curly hair quickly straighten

1. Egg and milk recipe for fast curling hair

Eggs and milk are two ingredients rich in protein, the key ingredients for straightening hair. This is a quick way to straighten curly hair very quickly and especially without damaging the hair.

Eggs and milk help straighten curly hair quickly
Eggs and milk help straighten curly hair quickly

– Material:
+ 02 chicken eggs
+ 01 cup of milk.
– Making:
Step 1: Beat egg whites with milk until foamy.
Step 2: Apply and incubate on hair for about 1 hour
Step 3: Then wash off with water.
After drying your hair you will be amazed at the results you achieve. Your hair has become straight, there is no trace of frizzy hair anymore.

2. Coconut milk, olive oil, lemon, cornstarch make quickly straighten curly hair

If you already have the above ingredients in your home, you can make curly hair straightening immediately. The formula is a bit fussy but will give you a great result for quick curls.

The perfect formula for straight hair
The perfect formula for straight hair

– Material:
+ 02 tablespoons of olive oil
+ 02 tablespoons of lemon juice
+ 02 spoons of cornstarch
– Making:
Step 1: Mix a cup of coconut milk with 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, 2 tablespoons of cornstarch into a paste.
Step 2: Heat the above mixture, let it cool
Step 3: Apply the mask on your hair for about 1 hour, then wash it off with warm water.
Your hair is not only straight but also smooth and manageable.

3. Straightening hair with fresh milk-making curly hair fast and straightening

The proteins in milk will help strengthen the hair shafts, helping the hair stay in place longer. The simplest way to straighten curly hair after curling is to use fresh milk. However, you need to do it a few times to get the desired results.

Fresh milk is also highly effective to straighten curly hair
Fresh milk is also highly effective to straighten curly hair

– Material:
+ 1 cup of fresh milk.
– Making:
Step 1: You apply fresh milk evenly on your hair.
Step 2: Leave for about 30 minutes then wash as usual.
Your hair is not only straightened out but also provided with the necessary nutrients and moisture.

4. Brushing wet hair until dry also makes hair curl faster

Without using any materials, you can still straighten your hair with just a few steps. If you have curly hair, you probably know that the important rule is to brush your hair less and limit brushing when wet hair.

Just combing your hair helps to straighten your hair quickly
Just combing your hair helps to straighten your hair quickly

So if you’re looking to stretch your hair, do the opposite! After each shampoo, when the hair is still wet, you will use a comb to comb from the roots to the ends until the hair is dry. You should brush gently, do not use a towel to avoid breaking your hair because wet hair is very weak. Your hair will straighten out significantly when dry.

5. Straighten curly hair fast – Curly hair with coconut oil

Not only famous as a perfect hair growth stimulant, coconut oil also helps to nourish strong hair and help straighten hair quickly. This is a quick and easy way to straighten curly hair, easy to do and especially low cost if you are skillful or make coconut oil.

Curly hair with coconut oil
Curly hair with coconut oil

– Material:
+ 02 tablespoons of coconut oil
– making:
Step 1: Put a sufficient amount of coconut oil in the microwave to warm
Step 2: Then apply to the hair and perform head massage movements.
Step 3: Use a hairbrush to help the oil be evenly applied to the entire hair, then wrap a hot wet towel for about 30-40 minutes (like you incubating your hair). Then wash your hair as usual. That means your hair is out of frizz.
Step 4: You can use olive oil, almond oil instead of coconut oil to bring the same results.

6. Use an iron to quickly straighten curly hair

It sounds a bit funny at first, but actually an iron not only helps straighten clothes but also helps straighten your hair. This is also the fastest way to straighten curly hair.

Professional hair straightener
Professional hair straightener

One thing to note is that you need to adjust accordingly to avoid burning your hair. The right temperature would be 250-300 degrees F. Moisten your hair, then part it into small, straight curls.
Place a thin towel over the hair on a flat surface and work it through the hair. Do it one by one until the end. When you’re done, spray your hair with a gel or conditioner to make it easier to hold.

Notes on how to quickly straighten curly hair

+ Because home hair straightening methods are inexpensive, time-saving and less harmful to hair, the hair straightening effect cannot be as high as when you go to a hair salon to use chemicals. Straight hair is relative and takes time. Sometimes hair straightens out temporarily and can curl back later.
+ Always pay attention to the temperature to avoid damaging the hair and scalp.


The above recipes are just common methods, there are many other ways. Share with us how to make curly hair fast and straighten that you know!